2.5 year time-lapse on Abu Dhabi & Dubai

By now, you know how I am about time-lapses. If not, well, let’s let Donald Glover explain…


But this one. This time-lapse documents two and a half years (!) of two of the fastest-growing urban landscapes in history: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Beno Saradzic‘s ‘BEYOND: Memoirs in a Time Lapse’ is a three-movement, seven minute long video that presents these futuristic cities of the United Arab Emirates under various forms of construction to landmarks like the world’s tallest skyscraper the Burj Khalifa rising literally above the clouds. The various hourly transformations, whether it be a sun study or the turn to night, are all fascinating to watch. Before you know it, the 7 minutes will go by and you’ll be looking up airfare. Enjoy!