2,800 iPod Nano Discovery Wall

Watch this video above describing a new piece of beautiful digital art that acts as architecture on the facade of Cornell’s Medical College recently opening in New York City.

The Hirsch&Mann & Squint/Opera collaboration boasts 2,800 iPod Nano LCD screens encompassed by circular lenses to display a custom set of images that, all combined, can form one big image. For instance, the ever-changing wall can show a large word like ‘MEDICAL’ and within said word are smaller messages like “Research leads to cures” (as illustrated in the images below.) You’ve seen this sort of image before, but now it’s a transformative piece of digital art and architecture in a way that we’ve never seen before. Very cool.





Get the fun facts and full write-up on the creative process here.

h/t ArchDaily

Fun Facts:

  • Number of screens & lenses: 2,800
  • Size: 4,670mm X 2,722mm
  • LCD resolution: 240×240 pixels
  • Max resolution of the whole screen: 16800×9600 pixels
  • Power consumption: < 1KW – less than a lot of blow heaters!
  • Estimated number of coffees consumed by the team: Between 300 & 5000


Hirsch&Mann & Squint/Opera collaboration.
Client: Weill Cornell Medical College

In partnership with:
Design: The Cross Kings
Electronics: White Wing Logic
Programming: Variable
Optics: Ely Optics 
Build & Install: Design Communications Ltd