A minimalist Japanese residence

If Kanye ever finds himself in Aiti, Japan, here’s where he’s likely staying.

Any casual observer of Kanye’s design moves during the past year can attest that this minimalist residence is right up his alley. At least, that was my first thought as I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the concrete, minimalist Manhattan loft of Kanye’s.

The Jyoushin House above resonates with me personally because of my overall appreciation of well-executed minimalist structures, and more specifically, the use of diagonals in the structure’s form and its relationship to the immediate outside surroundings. This residence would be boring otherwise if the dull mood that predominant concrete can create wasn’t livened up by the interesting shapes outside and in.

My favorite room is the living/dining/kitchen fusion, first seen in the second image of the gallery. The subtle diagonal concrete edge along the window is enough to give the space a modern feel for me. I also enjoy the amount of sunlight allowed in by the window, though I would have to experience this room in person to see if that’s truly enough for my liking (in other photos, it looks like it is more than enough). Finally, the built-in ceiling lights are also the perfect compliment to this space and minimalist structure as well. In general, the lighting has a huge impact on the minimalist feel of a building and the Jyoushin House’s lighting is as executed as well as a San Antonio Spurs back-cut and lay-up.

Designed by Noriyoshi Morimura Architect & Associates and spotted via Design Milk’s ‘Skim Milk’ weekly column by Leo Lei — a great bookmark for more minimalist architecture and furniture spotlights.