Continuing with the wood architecture theme of this week… Wait… a cabin and an RV?!

My first reaction of shock and surprise is likely akin to yours… I mean, how can this cabin turn into a mobile home? Well, that was the genius of this sustainable design by architect Kelly Davis (of SALA Architects), who turned a 400 square foot cottage into a quaint cabin for the move. She masterfully utilizes the space to include a comfortable bedroom and living space, with my favorite feature being how one can cook on the stove and turn around to see the TV just 10 feet away.

The high-end cottage was the design’s original intent as Davis drew inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright for a cabin that uses little power and is complete with recyclable materials. Even the fireplace is set to be 90% more efficient in cold winters. Feel free to get the RV delivered to you, in fact! You just have to pony up a cool 79K.

h/t SF Times