Architects moving entire city 2 miles over

News out of Kiruna, Sweden via ArchDaily as the town of 18,000 will be moving. Yup, everyone. 2 miles over.

Related: Kiruna, Sweden’s sanitation commissioner is Homer Simpson.

(This is funny to the 3 other people who remember that Homer flooded Springfield with garbage and waste forcing Springfield to move  “five miles down the road”. I mean, it was The Simpsons’ 200th episode in 1998, guys!)

So after immediately thinking of my favorite childhood cartoon, I dug deeper as to why. To paraphrase the story, Kiruna’s identity has been centered on the world’s largest iron mine for over a century. The town has been sprawled around it, in fact. However, after years of extracting iron, LKAB determined that continuing would make the ground beneath 3,000 homes, the city hall, train station, and century-old church unlivable.

This time last year, the ‘Kiruna 4-Ever’ proposal, by White Arkitekter and Ghilardi + Hellsten, was selected to plan a new location for the 3,000 displaced homes and the city’s central buildings. The re-location plan is set to begin construction next month, reports BBC, as planners project a full migration in 20-25 years. The anchor for future expansion is naturally a new city hall and that will be completed by 2016. Once again, head over to ArchDaily for the full story with more on the enormous cost of the re-location.