Base jumpers’ record jump at Burj Khalifa

Cool, idiotic, and all-around badass.

My three adjectives to describe what I just saw: 2 base jumpers setting the world record for tallest base jump off a building: 2,717 feet off the world’s tallest: SOM‘s Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The amount of angles and the HD GoPro video are simply breathtaking (both in beauty and in thrill). Watch above, with some nuggets of info below:

The men are not the first to base jump from the top of the tower – which is roughly twice the height of New York’s Empire State Building – but they had a special platform built to add an extra 500 feet, enabling them to break the world record.

To ensure they were used to the altitude, Fugen and Reffet practiced base jumping from a mountain near Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, which is roughly the same height as the Burj Khalifa tower.

h/t Bleacher Report + Daily Mail