Beyoncé’s Airbnb for the Super Bowl

You may have seen this trending since the weekend, but I just peeped these gorgeous images of the Airbnb that Beyonce, Jay Z, and their family settled down in outside of San Francisco for Super Bowl Weekend.

It’s located in Los Altos Hills specifically, near Levi’s Stadium. 11-acre property, 5 bedroom suites, 8 baths, a game room with a full bar, fitness center, infinity pool (!), spa, and outdoor fire pit. Oh, there’s more…

The home is a net-zero energy use, bolstered by a rooftop garden, a fruit orchard, and even live chickens for fresh eggs (ok, what!). Props to Noel Cross Architects for this beautiful and efficient design.

If you’re thinking of spending a night where hip hop royalty did, it’ll only cost you $10K a night. Props to Airbnb for hosting this one too. This should help quell any concerns from parents that Airbnb is trustworthy too, hah.