BIG’s concept for new Washington football stadium

Bjarke Ingels and BIG has done it again.

Earlier this week, they released the concept for a new stadium with the Washington Professional Football Stadium. The stadium itself is breathtaking with curvilinear forms making up the facade and large walkways on the interior of the bowl for what seems to be breathtaking views.

And that’s just the stadium.

BIG decided it needed a moat. A FREAKING MOAT! I love it. A moat is atop my dream house elements list so I’m naturally vibing with the idea of it needlessly around a stadium.

But, needlessly can easily be proved wrong with the concept of the stadium meant to encapsulate year-round events and encourage outdoor usage as a park, concert venue, and even kayakers and surfers. Hopefully, the concept gets pushed all the way through to construction. For now, browse the gallery above and head over to the Washington Professional Football Team’s official site for more details.