Brooklyn Nets Alternate Jerseys pay homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers

Cool jersey reveal alert!

The kings of cool when it comes to NBA fashion: the Brooklyn Nets have outdone themselves. The new Nets alternate jerseys will pay homage to the professional sports team that long called the borough home before the Nets — the Brooklyn Dodgers. The silver and Dodger blue is back and it looks as sharp as ever.

This really only works because of the ‘Brooklyn’ font that gives off an old-school feel when presented in these colors. As a big traditionalist baseball fan, these are an A+ to me. Plus, as a bonus, we’ve now found the general solution to have an alternate jersey for a two-color schemed team: use the color scheme of another team in town. Of course! (I actually hope this is a one-time thing — I’m lukewarm to the idea of Knicks unis in Yankee colors…)

Look out for the debut of the Brooklyn Dodger threads on March 21st, fittingly versus the Celtics. And according to Darren Rovell, the Nets will wear these alternates for 5 games total the rest of the season.