Chance The Rapper for JoeFreshgoods’ “Thank U Obama”

If you know anything about Chicago clothing, you already know the work of JoeFreshgoods.

If not, maybe Chance The Rapper just introduced you to him.

You see, Joe just launched the #ThankUObama line and it’s already picking up mainstream publication and the site has crashed too. This is just out this afternoon.

It’s all for good reason though, as you can see that Joe has summarized most everyone’s grateful feelings for the 44th President of the United States in high-end fashion, no pun intended. Chance is the perfect messenger for all four of these pieces. How cool is the Malia x Harvard combo above? And the throwback vibes with the Barack + Michelle pink heart tee? It’s all dope, so try and get on ThankUObama.us and get some of these threads for yourself.