ChiBeria [Photos]

Across the midwest this week, we felt an unprecedented cold front. In Chicago, -15 degree weather was recorded in O’Hare and a windchill hitting as low as -47 on January 6th. This record-breaking low (lowest recorded for January 6th in Chicago history) happened after a fresh 23.1 inches of snowfall hit the city between December 30th and January 5th. Fast forward to today and in true Chicago fashion, it’s been 30-40 degrees and raining. This heat wave in comparison has melted a lot of snow already, but not before “ChiBeria” was documented with an aggregate of amazing photos above. And by the way, ChiBeria, the name > Chiraq. Because I think it’s kind of cool to be known as a cold city. Hey, I was shivering at the arctic cold as much as the next guy, but it’s these Chicago winters that contribute to our city’s blue-collar culture.

h/t TWC, Huff Post & NBC