Chicago’s proposed Tetris building

Maybe you caught a feature in the Design section a couple of weeks ago on Tetris being played on an actual facade of a Philadelphia skyscraper?

Well, now Tetris is coming to our hometown of Chicago… kind of.

In this new residential tower proposed for West Town right off the Eisenhower 290 highway, the south facade overlooking the road is distinct for it’s bottom-to-top indent of glass. To me, it looks like the first time I played Tetris and thought the goal was to get to the top in the fastest way possible. I just stacked the same block over and over again, and seriously, it’s a perfect match to this building. They even got the block tilted to the side for the base. I’m not saying this to knock it; I actually like this standout look.

Furthermore, I hope the building comes to fruition to help spark more captivating skyscrapers along 290. The sight lines to the city are fantastic in the distance when you’re heading east into the loop, but there’s a stretch in between the amazing Rush Medical Center by (Perkins + Will) that could be more active. This Epstein-designed residential tower at 1061 Van Buren (right down the street from the office!) would fit right in.

If approved, the 32 floor tower will feature 411 residences, 9,000 square feet of retail space, and, unfortunately, a pool that faces east… not west towards downtown. Couldn’t we get that flipped? Hopefully, come Fall 2015, more gamers like me will think of Tetris along the 290.