College Dropout: 10 Years

UPDATE: Kanye West’s tweets on the 10-year College Dropout anniversary (+ more photos above and unreleased footage from Coodie & Chike below).


Unreleased footage from Coodie & Chike to Billboard detailing Kanye rapping “Never Let Me Down” to Pharrell, Kanye getting confronted by a rapper before his show, and Kanye getting the wires removed from his mouth.


11:45am CT: Today is the 10-year anniversary of The College DropoutKanye West‘s debut album that’s aged like a fine wine and changed hip hop forever. I was running some of my favorites from the album back this morning, feeling nostalgic to my high school days when Kanye opened my mind to new hip hop and creativity with this album (and I know I’m not alone there).

ICYMI, Billboard ran an excellent feature last week with 26 collaborators of the album telling the oral history of how the album was made. The hometown is showing love with the RedEye cover this morning (below) and I also saw J. Ivy write some inspirational words on Instagram this morning too (plus, that image of his verse, wow.) Finally, the promo image above? Posted by Ibn Jasper, with the coolest part of it all: it was designed by K. West himself! Happy 10 years.

10 years ago history was made. 2.10.04 marked the release of @KanyeWest‘s CollegeDropout. The project was monumental, marking a new age in music and the arts. It was just what music and Hip-Hop needed. Musically and lyrically it was right on time. When I got the call from @CoodieRock about potentially being on the album (#NeverLetMeDown) I took my shot. That shot became a reality, another great step in my walk, and Poets around the world celebrated with me. To see the love that was returned from that moment has been unprecedented. I thank you all for listening and showing the love you have. I thank those who’ve supported and those who’ve hated. It was great working on The College Dropout. It was great becoming a Grammy Winning Artists, but more importantly is was great to be a part of a something that had such a positive impact on so many lives. With that said, cheers to 10 Years. Let this light be a reminder to make your history. LOVE!#DreamsDontComeTrueTheyAreTrue#YouCantQuietMyLoud #LinesOnMyMind#DigginInThePapes Coming Soon #LIFEafterLifeComing Soon #DearFather Coming Soon