FKA twigs covers PAPER

First things first, #LegGoals.

Secondly, PAPER is on quite the run after yesterday’s Kendrick Lamar tribute to Eazy-E and now with new cover star, FKA twigs. One of my favorite new aritsts of the past couple years not only stuns in the sharp photo shoot above, but opens up in a cool, real new interview.

Here are a couple good excerpts and the full cover story here. Now if we could only see a video of her and Prince playing table tennis. Ha!

On why she and her music connects with her fans:
I’m honest, and that comes out. Honest people come in lots of different types and they relate to things that aren’t straightforward. I’m happy that people can roll with me, give me a chance, and let me explain my songs through my visuals. But I don’t even like calling fans “fans.” It’s like, [pulls face ] Ugh, fans. [laughs] It’s just people that like your music.

On looking forward to meeting a celebrity:
Probably Marlon Brando or someone like that. Even then, half those people were dead, so I knew the limitations of that relationship. I’ve never had that, “Oh my god, I’ve gotta wait backstage!” There is one person: I met Prince when he did a little show at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, where I supported him. I was a little bit like, “Wow. I met Prince.” Because he is, obviously, so epic. But even then, he just gave me some black currant juice and we played table tennis.

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