FKA twigs x Nike – do you believe in more?

FKA twigs is back and in a unique new fashion.

Emphasis on fashion as she links up with Nike Women as the “creative director” for the new Zonal Strength Tights campaign. This is revealed in the new, two-minute spot that features exotic locations to match the abstract dance moves and messages of the FKA aesthetic and sound. (BTW, isn’t it great that I think of “FKA” as “FKA twigs” and not “formerly known as” — she owns that acronym now.)

It’s hard to really do justice though to the moves, gear, and empowerment above. I love most anything FKA twigs and this one struck the right chord with me because I’m a Nike fan as well. There’s an interesting comment thread though that bashes the corporate partnership. I’m curious what you think and maybe I’m naive but I don’t really see an inauthenticity from either party here, especially when you read FKA’s words on Instagram below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 8.34.03 PM

we have entered a new era, a time when personal knowledge and a capacity to feel is everywhere. a generation cast in indigo – a community in tune with their spirit, their creativity and the power to move forward. once realized, they are an inspiration to all that enter their universe. this takes endurance. this takes determination. this takes overcoming the voices that try to convince them that their differences stand in the way of their dreams. it's time we help each other uncover the potential we all have within – to put who we are into motion. we have the opportunity to focus the worlds attention back onto the things that really matter. talent, skill, practice and unique ability. to marry an athletic and spiritual ethos. dance choreographed by @iam_bstrong and @tovariswilson, working with you both on this project was a dream x

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Here are a couple more amazing photos from the shoot too.

'i practice everyday, everyday i practice' @paletacalmquality styled by @matthew_josephs

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