Font Men — a documentary on typography

Just predicting, but I’m pretty sure Kanye West would resonate with this documentary…


You see, Font Men is a SXSW 2014 Official Selection — a 6 minute short film/documentary on the two partners of the most successful type design studio in the world: Jonathan Hoefler & Tobias Frere-Jones. They have since split, but before their parting of ways, their work has been picked up by the Wall Street Journal and even President Obama. This film is the look at them as partners, their studio, and perhaps the most fascinating part to me: how they go about starting a new type face.

If you saw the ‘O D H’ thumbnail from the homepage, that is representative of the first three characters they design (a full circle, half circle, and straight line character, respectively, that hits all four boundaries of a character). That alone was inspiring, on top of the well-presented production with, for example, superb animation to understand the variations in a font. As a design geek, this documentary was a great, quick watch and inspiring to find that perfect font for my next project (or better yet… drawing an ‘O D H’ for it).