Green Square: Sydney, Australia

Australia’s largest urban renewal project is one step closer to the edge to fruition. Koichi Takada Architects revealed new renderings of Green Square — a mixed-use, multi-residential tower defined by two continuing loops, which will then define the Sydney Green Square Town Centre. The renderings are also labeled ‘Infinity by Crown’, which is really the perfect name to describe the architecture. Toggle between the first two images in the gallery above and try and imagine that 360 perspective.

The two loops connect, becoming a seamless and continuous part of the architectural fabric. The resulting design is one that is fluid, connected, activated and responsive to the urban context of Green Square Town Centre and its desire for a new vision of architecture.

(via KTA)

Contributing to the masterful flow described above is the pool. As you can note in the gallery, the pool almost looks submerged in the middle of one of the loops. It fits elegantly in the middle of a window in the larger context of the structure, which consequently allows for relaxing (future) photo opps whether near or far. I’m already planning an Australia trip in 2017 — just in time for the Green Square’s completion in 2016.  See you there?