Hong Kong Skyscraper Concept

This could be Hong Kong if the designers at Studio CTC have their way. Emerging above the existing skyline is a new concept for skyscrapers that drastically differs from the typical rectangular and recent spire form of many. The Mexican firm designed two jagged, curvilinear forms that is supposed to symbolize the “the schism between Hong Kong’s cultural history, and the contemporary architecture being built in the city.” (via ArchDaily)

The new concept is established to buck the skyscraper stereotype, representing a form that organically grows out of the ground akin to rice paddies (a China crop) and China’s rock formation. The two towers are connected via trusses, some of which doubling as pedestrian bridges in what is the harmonious element of the concept. I especially resonate with this idea both spiritually and aesthetically — the clear highlight of the exterior form that I am otherwise lukewarm about. This added communal feel is meant to also connect residential units to other residential and commercial units and add another way of travel besides a direct vertical elevator, for example.

Unfortunately, there are no solid plans to construct these skyscrapers, though Studio CTC intends “to break the canons and predefined stereotypes in the design of skyscrapers.” At the very least, they’re successful in reimagining skyscrapers in relation to the existing culture and landscape and simply pushing the envelope forward. I hope this concept can directly inspire the next concept and eventually make its way into the built world.

(More info/images via ArchDaily)