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Jimmy Butler getting Jordan Brand collection

You may have seen this photo of Jimmy Butler and famous best friend Mark Wahlberg at a recent Lakers game… during a timeout of the game by the way!

At the time, I wondered about the nice shirt and today we find out it’s a part of Jimmy’s upcoming Jordan Brand collection! The 2-time All-Star himself teased it for the first time on his Instagram today.

coming soon 👀👀

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As you can see, the Jordan tags on the hat are proudly on display. You get the first up close look at the “Jimmy Buckets” logo and I wholeheartedly approve. The initials are sleek, it’s a basketball hoop, and you got a Chicago star on top of it. Plus, the tees have the classic Bulls font. And finally, the caption of Jimmy’s photo with Mark Wahlberg indicates he’s got his own XX9 Low, but that could just be a PE that only he and his inner circle have.

Whatever the case, looks like I got to head back to 32 S. State sometime soon…