Kanye talks greater goals, covers W Magazine

Any Kanye interview is still a must-listen in my book, and even though they’re starting to blur together now (‘Ye’s expressing the same message) it’s still delivered differently every time.

Today’s latest is a 2-minute, abruptly cut sit-down with W Magazine, of which he’s covering above.

There are a few classic soundbites here as West again cites a Howard Hughes or Walt Disney as his inspirations. He also compares his greater goal of bringing joy to the world, rather accurately, to Will Ferrell in Elf.

In the beginning of the video, Kanye explains he doesn’t have the desire to be in his videos anymore, as evident most recently in “Fade”. (I think plenty of fellas out there have no problem with that so long as Teyana Taylor’s in front of the lens.)

The opportunity to put moving art against the music was one of the best parts about being a professional recording artist. Nah, I get tired of making videos now. I barely want to stand in front of the camera at all. I’d rather do things where I’m just using my mind.

Perhaps the best part though was how he brought up his Ph.D. in Art. and no transcription can do how Kanye says it justice.

I can wait, but I also can’t wait to see these Kanye interviews 10 years from now (as he challenges above.) I think it’ll be like how I comb through 2Pac interviews today.

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