Kanye x adidas rumored first look

You knew a leak was comin’ right?! Kanye‘s first adidas release is going to garner this type of coverage and subsequent emotional reaction, especially given the minimalism of the shoes seen above.

Says StashedBoxes:

As you can see from the pictures, these are vastly different than the Yeezy 1 and 2 in terms of design (which was probably to be expected). These loafers don’t sport much detail besides for a strap on the toe box and adidas branding on the back of the shoe. Kanye recently announced that the first of collaborations should come this summer. While we don’t think this is the new “Yeezi” we imagine it’s part of the 20 shoes he designed for the brand.

To be frank though, I am not surprised at this design and expect the leak to be legit given the photo of K. West’s signature in the insole (below). I vibe with it, as the loafers give me a throwback Late Registration feel, and the adidas logo is nicely, subtlely placed. Plus, these shoes scream summer with Kanye revealing a few days ago that the next Yeezys are coming this June. Stay tuned for a possible update.