Kendrick Lamar’s modest home

Kendrick fans, doesn’t this make you love him more?

Earlier this week, it was reported that K. Dot has bucked every rapper stereotype since the 90s by purchasing a modest $524K home outside L.A.

Maybe I should have typed “modest” with the quotes because hey, $524K is still a pretty penny, but regardless, Kendrick didn’t go full-on mansion after a 2013 that certainly could have afforded it. Maybe it’s a home for his fam, but regardless, this story was oddly refreshing, especially after one of his mentors Dr. Dre is buying Tom Brady & Gisele’s mansion. Though I suppose Kendrick didn’t sell his own company to Apple for 3B. Hah!

Another fun story for your Friday, take it for what it is!

h/t EliteDaily