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Kris Bryant’s NL MVP adidas Gift Package

I never fully got a chance to post my in-depth thoughts on the Cubs’ historic World Series a couple of weeks ago. In brief, it was special for this longtime Cubs fan — for me and my family. Every longtime Cub fan has a story, a generational tie. Mine is my dad. Watching Game 7 with the folks was priceless as it can get. That alone sums it up.

And that said, it’s still surreal that the Cubs won it all a couple weeks ago. I continually marvel at how perfect the journey was, dating back to getting close in 2015, and all the way through today as Kris Bryant capped off a dream season with an MVP award.

To understand the gravity of his accomplishment today, here’s this tweet from ESPN.

I digress from the headline, however. Spotted over at Nice Kicks, this caught my eye for a crossover post in our Design section. KB’s an adidas athlete, and as such, the company gifted him a couple of the hottest shoes right now. The Pharrell NMDs and, it’s not even out yet, the Reigning Champ collab Ultra Boosts. Both are on my ‘want’ list and with Bryant trending today, this caught my eye.

If you’re not familiar, check out a couple of highlight vids that showcase the 24-year old superstar. I think I’ll tell my kids one day about the game I saw in late August in LA when Bryant tied and won the game with home runs. Glimpses of that and much more below.