Leaked Images of Toronto Towers

Here is our first look at three 60 story towers planned to change the Toronto skyline. Wilkinson Eyre has won a competition to revitalize the immediate area around The 6’s Union Station (I’m trying the nickname, Drake). A chief theme that I’m particularly resonating with is connectivity. The plan calls for a connection on both sides of the railway, complete with a new pedestrian bridge and retail area. There even appears to be a fourth building from the roof of the Dominion Public Building, a registered neoclassical building from 1935 on Canada’s Historic Places. City of Toronto zoning also indicates a major new bus terminal to be added to Union Station too.

Aside from this one caveat below, it looks like we have some amazing, glass-heavy skyscrapers impacting Toronto in years to come. Future Views from the 6?

It is possible that the renderings represent an earlier and more ambitious plan for the redevelopment without a park, or a final build-out where the park is hidden behind the second and third towers and associated podiums in these views. Another City of Toronto zoning review notice mentions a four-storey building to be built north of the park… All of this is very preliminary. Whether the renderings are up-to-date or not has not yet been determined by UrbanToronto.

h/t UrbanToronto