Libeskind’s winning Holocaust Monument


Today, famous architect Daniel Libeskind won the competition to design the new Canadian National Holocaust Monument in the country’s capital of Ottawa. He and his “Team Lord” designers likened the structure as an “elongated Star of David”, as seen from up above with the illustrating rendering. Construction is set to begin soon with the monument to open next year, 2015.

You know how much I appreciate the creative process, and in this case, I particularly love how Libeskind and his team arrived at the form of each section of the building — balancing the relationship of deep substantial meaning with aesthetics. The explanation is typed out and written out below in a cool, raw sneak peak at the building’s notes.

Carved from the flat, ground plain of the historic LeBreton Flats, the Monument stands as a silent and dignified space shielded from the highway and road traffic providing controlled vistas toward the Canadian War Museum, the surrounding landscape and the Canadian Parliament. This Monument is a “Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival” in which a star is created by six triangular volumes at each of its points organized around a large gathering space for ceremonies. Each one of these volumes provides a unique theme and ambiance for interpretation, contemplation and artistic expression.


h/t Calgary Sun