New Banksy Art

Above lies an all-new, confirmed piece from Banksy, posted on his website, and located somewhere in the U.K. (that’s as close we are to narrowing down the location). The mysterious graffiti artist expresses a commentary on technology in today’s world, humorously depicting a couple in love… with their smart phones. C’mon, we all have friends who are too dependent on our smart phones. Or we can even look in the mirror and admit that it’s us that’s too dependent sometimes. As an aside, one thing that I’ve been trying and finding successful, is simply turning off my phone for 3 hours and focus on other technology-independent passions. Try it!


Back to Banksy, the images below are of a suspected new piece located in Cheltenham, a borough of Gloucestershire, England. This one is just as striking, though not as direct of a message as above. It could easily be Banksy based on the style, but it is not confirmed.