Nordstrom Tower: tallest residential tower

The Nordstrom Tower will become the tallest residential tower in the world when it’s completed in 2018. (#BeforeLeBronDecides) 225 West 57th Street, NYC, will surpass 432 Park Avenue and Mumbai’s World One Tower for that crown and also pass our own Willis Tower for the ‘tallest roof’ (1478′ vs. 1451′). A late addition of a spire will clock out the Nordstrom Tower at 1775′ with the tower being the latest in a current skyscraper boom for New York City.

Chicago-based firm Smith + Gill is the architects behind the Tower, which makes sense for any keen observer of the Chicago skyline. The Nordstrom Tower bears a general aesthetic comparable to the Trump Tower, which Smith + Gill designed as well. I only hope that Nordstrom won’t include a giant ‘Nordstrom’ sign above the entrance, ha!

More renderings of the Nordstrom Tower below:




h/t Yimby