One World Trade now largest building in Western Hemisphere

With the spire being lowered into place this morning, New York City’s One World Trade is now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at 1,776 feet.

– NBC News

I caught wind of this milestone on Facebook today (via our friend at the Huffington Post, Craig Kanalley), with both the words and photo catching my eye. How majestic does One World Trade look with the sun behind it like that? This is amazing to see with 9/11 in the memories of all of us. Some comments I saw that I couldn’t help nod my head in agreement with: “Absolutely dramatic shot. Great job Anne. The city has risen again like a Phoenix….” and “Very ethereal photo. I think of Atlantis rising through the mist.”

And finally, here’s video of the placement of the spire. Freedom Tower! Happy to see!