Peyton Manning mural in Denver

We’re just days away from the Super Bowl and you know the city of Denver is getting crazy in anticipation for Sunday. Evidence of that is above as Denver’s Gamma Gallery painted this awesome two-story mural of Omaha’s biggest fan: Peyton Manning.

The detail is phenomenal. I particularly love the sun hitting the helmet and the windows of the building acting as pseudo shoulder patches. Now, I just need to see if Seattle’s Russell Wilson mural is cooler so I can decide who to root for on Sunday.

I got two more neat Super Bowl things I saw on Facebook today that are both worth sharing. If you clicked on this post for the Peyton Manning mural, you’ll enjoy these…

1. The Simpsons have a prediction for this year’s Super Bowl dating back to a 2005 episode ‘Bonfire of the Manatees’. Ok, now I know what to root for.


2. Richard Sherman is NOT the best corner in the game.