Qatar World Cup Stadium new designs

Whoo, gorgeous, right?

With World Cup fever at its apex (though not for long, unfortunately #USA #1N1T), Qatar released these new renderings for a second World Cup stadium planned for when the event arrives in 2022. The most interesting, symbolic aspect of the design is that it’s based on the “Bayt Al Sha’ar, a black and white tent used traditionally by nomadic people in Qatar. This is a welcome symbol of hospitality for desert travelers” (via ArchDaily).

The Al Bayt Stadium would be a flamboyant addition to Al Khor City, as you can see from these first couple images, in relationship to its much lower scaled surroundings. The plan also calls for the area around the stadium to be revamped with retail space, restaurants, and pedestrian-friendly paths and tracks. I vibe with this stadium all the way around and into the interior where it looks like the fans are closer to the action, specifically with how the upper deck hangs closely to the middle deck over the baselines especially. I yearn for that in new stadiums — the closer the higher fans are to the court/field, etc., the louder the stadium, and the better the fan experience. Remember the Al Bayt Stadium in 8 years, ha!

One more note: “The stadium was designed by an unnamed group of Qatar architects.” Oh. Stealth stadium architecture!

The first World Cup Stadium in Qatar by Zaha Hadid