Rappers Simpson-ized

The Simpsons connections CONTINUE (!) in the Design section — this time courtesy of illustrator Bernard Rollins. His new series on Instagram of “Simpson-izing” rappers has started to become viral this past weekend as he does some quality renditions of Pharrell & Pharrell’s Hat, Rick Ross, and the various outfits of Kanye West. It was the Action Bronson cartoon that helped propel the series as the rapper himself reached out to Bernard, who tells Buzzfeed, “I posted it on my IG before bed one night and woke up the next day to a ton of notifications, not knowing that he had reposted it…He liked that enough to reach out to me via Instagram direct message about doing more.”

But that’s not all… have you enjoyed the artwork of GLC‘s latest projects lately? I was vibing with those illustrations, and as you’ll see from his instagram feed, @bnardartwork, Rollins has produced much of that artwork. Great to see that connection. Enjoy the gallery above — which one’s your favorite?! I personally think the Pharrell one is ready for next week’s episode.