Suzhou Business School winner

Today’s big winner in architecture: international firm BDP Architects as they were chosen as the winner of the Suzhou Business School competition.

The standout feature of the Suzhou Business School winning submission is clearly the glazed, curved form of the exterior screen and structure that creates an inviting relationship with the wide open green field in front. The screen consequently adds some subtleties to shading, with its vertical pieces also tilted and curved themselves to emphasize the overall shape (I’m betting there were a ton of tangent calculus equations to figure out). This quote by BDP associate Michael Cambden reveals its hybrid of inspirations, and adds another level of appreciation for the design:

Articulation of the glazing, structure and louvres creates a screen that combines elements of eastern and western design to reflect truly the international status of the school.

Additionally, the Suzhou Business School “facilitates a diverse range of flexible learning environments, and is designed so that every part of the building is used fully throughout the day.  The atrium accommodates a diverse range of social and learning spaces including a welcome and exhibition area, a café, games area, learning resource centre and an innovation hub.”


One more subtle aspect about the design that you’ll notice in the image above… is that a moat around the green field? I’m all for moats, whatever the design. In fact, a moat ranks at #1 on my list of features for my dream house, which is probably higher on the list than it should be. Actually, no it’s not.


h/t e-architect (all images via BDP)