Taiwan’s (literal) mountainous resort

Live amongst the mountains in the mountains in this green beach resort housing complex in Taiwan. Wait, what? That sounds awesome. And as you can see, it will be a future reality as BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), a Denmark-based firm previously featured in the Design section, released a detailed series of renderings of the in-progress Hualien Residences yesterday.

The clear mountainous aesthetic jumps out at you, whether near or far, and the form is punctuated with green “landscape stripes” that contribute to the sustainability goals of the complex. The striping actually creates an ideal shading system, blocking north-south light, and overall establish an efficient, low-energy plan. Hualien Residences will also appeal to its older patrons as it’s already being billed a finalist in the 2014 MIPIM Awards because of its focus on wellness with pedestrian-friendly walking and jogging paths (that even go underground).

Scroll through the in-depth gallery to get a glimpse of how we could fit in with the mountains. I would render myself by the pool (of course), thoughtfully peering over one of the many beautiful balconies, meditating in the actual space designed for it, or wherever the Hualien’s observation point will be revealed. Why? Because the site of the residences is wonderfully sandwiched against the ocean to the east, Hualien city to the north, and Taiwan’s actual mountains to the left. I can’t wait until BIG gives us that glimpse, and also add the only thing that’s really missing: a chair lift to ride down the green-striped mountains! When that’s added, I surely won’t pull a Harry Doyle. *cringe*

All photos via BIG