Under Construction: Singapore Sports Hub

Hey, Singapore Sports Hub, come back here with my breath! Why you gotta take it away like that? 

Ok, I guess I coulda gone with “Breathtaking”, but you get my point. This looks like it’s gonna be pretty amazing.

Construction has begun on the Singapore Sports Hub – Singapore’s National Stadium, that will actually be the only one in the world to host football, rugby, cricket, and “athletic events” in one venue. I’m assuming these athletic events will also include basketball (an All-Star Game has to happen here), a track for Usain Bolt to set more world records in, and a Capture The Flag field (a severely underrated athletic event, if you play in pitch black dark and wear camo and face paint like I did with the homies back in high school). Whatever the case, I’m quite impressed.

Construction will commence in 2014, which will double as my planning for a flight to Singapore. Not only is the structure and the moving roof itself gorgeous, but how about the stadium’s site, in juxtaposition with the water and the skyscrapers behind it. Makes for some beautiful views as you can see. Be sure to check out ArchDaily for more on how it adapts to Singapore’s climate, its structural and environmental efficency, and more. Salute to Arup on the design.