Watch Dogs gameplay leaks

My most anticipated video game since GTAV is definitely the upcoming open-world first-person hacking action thriller Watch Dogs.

The buzz is very high on this game, which is set to push the boundaries of the new next-gen systems (PS4 & XBox One), after amazing trailer after another. Today, just a week and a half away from release, some new gameplay footage leaks of Aiden Pierce running amok in our hometown of Chicago. Oh yeah, I usually mention the game is set in our hometown in the first sentence. Well, it is, and there’s coverage from the Tribune that praises UbiSoft’s recreation of the city that’s a fun bonus read.

Anywho, the footage above shows Pierce in a free-for-all shootout and below, a look at how he hacks into the pedestrians’ lives before starting an odd mini-game where he shoots fake aliens. The hacking part is what has also drawn me into Watch Dogs and my long-shot hope is that UbiSoft did their research to include a random pedestrian with a ‘Gowhere’ hat on: Hanrahan, Tim. Co-Founder of awesome music site.

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