Wes Anderson’s centered composition

Brilliant filmmaker Wes Anderson just hit theatres with his latest movie The Grand Budapest Hotel and to get you further hyped to see the new work, take a look at this excellent, quick compilation of Wes Anderson’s signature composition. In films like Fantastic Mr. Fox, Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou, and The Royal Tenenbaums (the latter two being my favorite), Anderson has always kept his still and moving shots with the same centered presentation. This consistency adds to the unique mood he creates in every one of his films and contributes to his identity. After all, “a Wes Anderson movie” is a mainstream phrase for film fans.

Seeing the design as presented above is a great way to understand Anderson’s meticulous attention to detail and appeal to fans of clean, minimalist design. (*raises hand* here!) All these shots that range from Bill Murray to a windmill in the distance to stacking rocks provide, as Fast Company perfectly puts it, “comforting cinematic feng shui occurring on either side.” Enjoy and appreciate!

Adrien Brody in the new Wes Anderson movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Adrien Brody in the new Wes Anderson movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

h/t Kogonada (on the video) & Death + Taxes