The Yeezus Tour in Elevations

Kanye West just concluded 2013 by architecting a theatre experience with the Yeezus Tour.

Now, thanks to Interiors Journal, we can see the Yeezus Tour through an architecture lens. For anyone who attended the tour, you’ll instantly recognize the stage design through these three elevations above. Elevations are a common perspective that designers use to look at spaces, that in this case displays a 2-dimensional side view of the entire stage and a couple of the show’s iconic moments. You really get to see the artfully crafted use of space between Kanye and the show’s elements in this horizontal perspective.

On top of this, the first elevation shown of the three is available as a limited edition print on Interiors. You know I got one on the way already.

As someone who was moved by the tour experience (detailed here), an architecture college grad, an elevation-geek, and of course: a big Kanye West fan, these are simply some of the coolest visuals I’ve seen lately.