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The Field: Chicago WSHH’s Documentary on Chicago

“The Field: Chicago” is a documentary  put together by World Star Hip-Hop about Chicago violence and hip-hop. Overall it was a very well put together documentary that depicted a previously untold story of why Chicago is what it is today. It featured several Chicago artist, such as King Louie, Lil Durk, Lil Mouse, Young Chop, Rhymefest, and more. They all talked about what they think to be the reasons why Chicago as a city is so violent and why Drill Music has become the outlet for those stories.

Unfortunately like most documentaries about Chicago violence it didn’t offer much means to a solution or even acknowledgement that the violence needs to stop. While I do appreciate the conversations that are sure to come as a result, I feel like a huge opportunity was missed by not using the documentary it self as the driving force to spark change.

Still I would like to thank World Star for taking the time to bring light to what’s going on in Chicago. But I have to ask, you cared enough to bring attention but do you care enough to help change? For that matter do any of us?