So What? “Slicing Up Freshness 1.5”

Out of Arizona a production duo called So What? sits in the back of a dentist office and make some of the rawest beats that I have heard in a long time. Parker Corey and Melik Richard make up So What? and Parker is also 1/3 of a trio called Injury Reserve. “Slicing Up Freshness” the original version was made in one night when Melik was in town from New Orleans and the night before he went back Parker and Melik decided to make a 6 track project and drop it as soon as they finished. The original was put out in January and just the other day So What? pulled together Ritchie With A T, Saih, and Ignatius Ra to go over the beats and as soon as it was finished tonight they released it. So What? has some of the best production out, the beats delivered on this project were crazy. Check this cool random project.