Gambino + Chicago = 3x the Encore

Gambino brings down the Riviera like never before with three encores, surprise performance by Vic Mensa, and duets with Chance the Rapper.

After filling Butler Park last Saturday with 20k+ attendees, Childish Gambino definitely took over the last night of SXSW. I, sadly, was not one of those 20K+ attendees.

Exhausted and tired from the exhaustive week spent in Austin, TX, I knew I had one more stop before I could truly finally take a day off – that one stop being the mayhem that Childish Gambino has grown into.

Following Gambino since his career infancy, I’ve found it harder and harder to catch his shows now with competing with his ever expanding and growing younger fan base. However, all of his shows are sold out for the right reasons though. He brings more and more to the table than ever.  Gambino’s gifted in all fields: A powerhouse of actor/singer/comedian/dancer/writer he now adds piano player.

Opening act, Vic Mensa, could have been a concert on his own but instead he tossed Chicago a surprise and went deep with #INNATETAPE.  Fresh off his split from Kids these Days, Vic shows that he has the chops to be in the running for XXL’s freshman class. So. Much. Chicago. Love.

After a long music intro, the crowd greets him to chants of World Star and he opens with Crawl. Playing the balance of his old and new stuff, including a super sexy jazz rendition of Heartbeat. His performance art drop down façade during Dial-Up, Gambino meditates in the smoke on his vision of Because the Internet nodding to those who have been following since his Tumblr days.  No energy was lost as he deliberately slowed down the crowd for his intermittent sets of freestyles.

via @Gowherehiphop: Gambino performs Heartbeat

You experience the big bro / little bro bromance he has going on with Chance the Rapper and his newest bro Vic Mensa, his opening act.  The duet The Worst Guys showed off the softer side of the two (beat-wise at least). Gambino, once a perennial outsider from middle class upbringing is finally the big bro of hip hop’s next class.

Gambino is successfully walking the balance of becoming more and more confident, without the all that cockiness that makes his shows so successful.  He is still relatable. A college educated kid, I just trying to hustle and hustle successfully though life.

via @Srirachana: Gambino Encore

He has all the makings of ordinary – middle class and college educated but just isn’t. He’s emotional. He’s insecure. He’s intelligent. He’s immensely talented. And above all, he continues to challenge himself.

Full Set List:

1. I. Crawl
2. II. Worldstar
3. I. The Worst Guys f/ Chance the Rapper
4. II. Shadows
5. Sweatpants
6. Dial Up
7. Freaks and Geeks / Firefly / Yaphet Kotto / Bonfire
8. Letter Home
9. II. Worldstar
10. One Up
11. Eat Your Vegetables
12. Unnecessary
13. Freestyle
14. Telegraph Ave.
15. Pink Toes a
16. 3005

Encore #1 & #2

17. So Fly
18. I Got This Money
19. Do Ya Like
20. Heartbeat Jazzy Remix
21. Firefly
22. Freestyle
23. Royalty
24. Blackfaces

Encore #3

25. Bonfire
26. Freestyle
27. Freestyle with Vic Mensa and Chance the Rapper
28. Lights Turned On

 Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.58.47 AM

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