KRITically Acclaimed Tour- Chicago 11/4/15


Big KRIT’s KRITically Acclaimed Tour made its way to Chicago and it did not disappoint. The sold out show was rocking form beginning to end on and GoWhere was in attendance to break down the show as well as highlight the performers of the night. Among the top performers were Chicago R&B legend BJ The Chicago Kid and the main event performer, Big KRIT.


Houston emcee rocked the crowd with his slew of hits. Among them his verse included in the recently released KRIT mixtape It’s Better This Way. Not too familiar with the H-Town scene, Delorean definitely grew on me as he progressed throughout his set. He reminded me a lot of KRIT in terms of production and substance matter with a positive attitude. I also had the opportunity to chop it up with him after his set and was reminded of how hungry and humble of an individual he is.

Scotty ATL

I never truly had the opportunity to see Scotty ATL live until now. He’s definitely an interesting artist mixing a variation of Atlanta based trap beats with more classical boom bap type productions in his repertoire. The young Atlanta based rapper will be interesting to see a few years down the line as he has started to work with big names at his young age.

BJ The Chicago Kid

Last night at the metro | Pic: @whodough | #gowhereyoulove

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BJ commanded the stage from his first to last words in his performance. He was powerful and awe-inspiring behind the mic as he rocked the crowd to his classics from Pineapple Now Laters to his most recent club bangers. There was also an interesting part in his set where he performs the most popular songs that he has been featured on as well as did a bit of juke music beat boxing that had the crowd echoing his every words. BJ more importantly reminded others of the power of music in our city and of the hope that lyricism has over our youth and over music lovers alike. Great set from beginning to end.


Crows start flockin

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No longer just a lyrical prophet from a small town from Mississippi. Big KRIT is a main event performer and his booming soulful production mixed with his empowering lyricism has made him a mainstay and legend in his own right. KRIT performed the biggest hits from his latest major record label project as well as some of his classics and new joints off his latest mixtape. This was everything that I expected from the Def Jam spitter as he delivered at length to the packed crowd that came to see him deliver his soul on the mic. One of the most epic moments of the night was when KRIT addressed the Chicago crowd on being overlooked as an artists and in having pride for not getting radio play or becoming a mainstream sensation. He takes pride for making music for people like him that have been following him in his musically journey from KRIT Wiz Here to his latest endeavors, and best believe we will continue to follow his career. The King Remembered In Time is here to stay and this night reminds us of just how legendary and cult like his career has already become.