A-Minus “1000 Laces” #GWHHPremiere

Just recently I found this artist A-Minus, out of Detroit Michigan.  Right away his music caught my attention, his sound is so dope, his flow is very elegant and natural to any beat he goes on.  In the hip hop world, there is so much more to the culture than just the music.  One thing that to me is a staple in the hip hop culture has always been shoes, whether they are Jordan’s, Foam’s, Classic Nikes, and even those Adidas that have been around forever.  A-Minus drops “1000 Laces”, a one verse track showing his all around passion for the SneakerHead culture.  Its ups and downs for him, with the new retros or the classics that he stood in line for outside in the cold, what it is like for him as a SneakerHead since he was 10 years old.  For A-Minus, sneakers are so much more to him than just some shoes, it’s a movement.   As a SneakerHead myself, I really felt this track.

I’m never alone, especially home of all places. I’m either blunted or up in the front of a thousand laces.