Alicia Keys’ short film rings even more powerfully today

Just because it’s “old” doesn’t mean it’s not important.

And with a moving visual and message like this, the fact that it’s not necessarily released today is pushed to the background. Except for the fact that this short film by Alicia Keys and the We Are Here Movement rings even more powerfully today.

Originally released in July 2016, Alicia Keys made this short film to illustrate what life might be like if Americans had to face the struggles of refugees. Yeah, after the events of this past weekend, no doubt someone should show this to our government.

Today was my first time seeing this, just scrolling through my Facebook feed when Goodbye Tomorrow added: “this was poignant when it came out last summer but it resonates even louder right now during these bookey times.” You may have simply read about refugee stories, and I for one am even behind there, but to watch the conditions, doubt, and simply love broken apart in this cinematic short film is really heartbreaking. And now it becomes even more of a reality with the way things are going after Trump’s first week. If you were affected by this like me, simply share it and go to the We Are Here Movement Facebook page to do even more.