Chance The Rapper covers GQ

And you thought Chance’s 2017 was going to slow down?

Here he is above as one of the two new music stars on the cover of GQ (The Weeknd’s profile will be out tomorrow.) His cover story is out now too, including these excerpts that are just as fascinating as the full read. (Chance also talks Kanye, the “3” hat, and much more.)

How important are the Grammys—to music, and to Chance the Rapper?
I think the Grammys are super important to music. As a musician, I think it’s the same thing as an actor receiving an Oscar. Do I think that the Grammys are always fully representative of a person’s talent? No. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get an Oscar until this past year. And he’s been doing his fucking thing. But I think everybody wants validation, everybody wants to feel like they did right. And I think the nominations are my victory. You know?

How are you not afraid of a Trump presidency? Help us feel better.
You gotta just understand, like, shit has been fucked-up, right? Like, “Make America Great Again,” that’s not a real thing because shit ain’t really switched up for them. It’s not really going that bad for you. If you feel like you’re the under-represented, under-appreciated side of Middle America that is white—quote me—you need to, uh, toughen up, nigga! Somebody gotta punch you in the chest, because shit is sweet for you. You know what I’m saying? I would say to everybody, you know, the world is coming together. Like there’s—every day people are becoming more and more, I’m not using this word in terms of emotion, but sensitive to real issues and—

And aware.
Yeah. And aware. That’s really what I mean. People are raising their kids to be more and more knowledgeable and understanding. I would say the main reason not to be afraid is that I’m making music for your kids now. I’m coming so clean-cut with the message of hope and understanding, and the Word, that it’s like: What could you be fearful of?

On top of all this, both Chance and The Weeknd will also be tied together as co-headliners at Bonnaroo this year. It was announced today that they will perform, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as the third headliner.