Why this year’s Coachella Weekend 2 was better than Weekend 1…

Coachella has become the scene to be seen and the music festival itself is only a backdrop to what is now extremely competitive fashion.  I was hesitant leaving Chicago wondering how all the entire weekend was going to go down. Maybe I have a Lollapalooza hometown bias, but this year’s line up was a little weak and all the major celebrities had already come and gone the week before. However, I was going with 14 of my closest friends that are now scattered all over the country and we reunited in this awesome house in Palm Springs.
1. N.W.A. reunited for the first time in 27 years. This alone made my whole trip worth it. Ice Cube Bringing out Dr. DreMC Ren, DJ Yella perform “Still D.R.E.” and “California Love” was a dream come true. I use this phrase sparingly, but I honestly never thought I would see this in my life and having it come as a surprise made it that much more memorable.

NWA Reunion

N.W.A. Reunion // Getty Images

2. Fashion was less competitive in a good way.  Two girls ran past me in HEELS as we made the 0.8 mile trek in 90 degree heat from the Uber drop off point. Good luck with that later ladies. I felt like the people of weekend two were very chill and were less FOMO. With the celebs already flooding the scene of Weekend 1, Weekend 2 was much more chill and focused more on the festival itself instead of it being just a backdrop to what people consider is their fashion Super Bowl.
3. Drake’s VIEWS Pop Shop in Palm Springs and appearance at Ace Hotel’s Pool Party. Everyone is much calmer weekend two. Drake kicked it by the pool at Ace as his pop up shop took place down the street.  I had just missed him but the pool party was sick. Ace Hotel is small but beautiful and situated at the foot of a dessert. Imagine having the best pool/house party of your life. It’s a great way to kick off the day for Coachella. I would glad go back just to people-watch at Ace.

Gallant and Jhene Aiko performing Diamonds and Pearls. Photo by: @Srirachana :)

Gallant and Jhene Aiko performing Diamonds and Pearls. Photo by: @Srirachana 🙂

4. Gallant’s Performances. In one word, glorious. I heard through some media colleagues what new acts to watch out for. Unanimously, everyone recommended Gallant. He was incredible. I’m always nostalgic for 90s R&B. Gallant brought back that sexy 90s beat back with deeper lyrics and a more modern sound. And that falsetto was enough to bring some grown men to their knees. It was beautiful and Jhene Aiko and Gallant did a little acapella Diamonds and Pearls in honor of Prince

Major Lazer and Prince Tribute // Getty Images

Major Lazer and Prince Tribute // Getty Images

5. Prince Tributes. We lost a the most free spirit there was and it was magnificent to see so many artists pay their tributes at Coachella. So much purple, so much love, and so many renditions of Prince’s songs. Major Lazer brought out Usher to perform “I Would Die for You” and Ellie Goulding pulled out the stops on “When Doves Cry”. What was interesting to see was that these artist had almost no time to rehearse any of the Prince songs so I knew that these tributes came from genuine lifelong fans. The emotion was so raw and so beautiful.

Even though the first day I arrived at Coachella to pick up my media pass I was a bit cranky. The A and B list celebs had already come and gone the week before. I had a little bit of FOMO, but not having the celebs around gave me an opportunity to just kick it with friends, take in new music, and purely enjoy the dessert scene.

And if all of this STILL doesn’t appeal to you. Go purely to dress crazy, take lots of pics, and use it forever as your Tinder pics. Your cool points will automatically go through the roof.

Lead photo: Calvin Harris’ set, also an original for GWHH.