Dilla’s MPC added to Smithsonian

Talk about a hip hop crossover… Dilla’s MPC is now in an exhibit at the legendary Smithsonian. Fitting really, given the legendary work of the late Detroit producer. Needless to say, this is very cool.

Via OKP:

Last night at DC Loves Dilla, Ma Dukes took to the stage with a rep from the latest addition to The Smithsonian‘s arsenal of institutions to announce that Jay Dee’s MPC and custom Moog (built for him by Dr. Robert Moog no less!) will be installed in the museum to keep telling the story of his immeasurable contribution to our lives and to music.

Its like getting one of Basquiat‘s brushes or Jimi‘s guitar or The Godfather‘s cape or Louie‘s trumpet, all of which we hope have either already been added to the list of installations or will at least be considered. The Museum Of African American History And Culture should be opening its doors late next year/early 2016 to the masses, so you’ll have to hold tight for a bit (get it?) But it’s certainly worth the wait. We’ll have more on the exhibit as details roll-out, so be sure to keep it locked. Watch a clip from the announcement below and head over to the J Dilla Foundation for more info. Raise it up for Ma Dukes and Dilla fam.