Floyd Mayweather T.I. Fight

Last night in Vegas, it went down! Floyd Mayweather and T.I. surprisingly squared up after Tip performed at Prive. The argument involved Tiny, T.I.’s wife, as Floyd Mayweather discusses why below. T.I approached Floyd at Fatburger, yelling ensued, then T.I. swung on Floyd and the two crews started brawling and throwing chairs. The TMZ videos are below:

Mayweather explains his side of the story to NecoleBitchie.com, as in early May, T.I. approached him after Tiny posted a photo of her and Mayweather together.

“I been knowing Tiny before T.I.,” Mayweather explained. “I’ve never slept with her, I never kissed her, never touched her in no inappropriate way. Her friend Shekinah wanted to come to the [May 4th] fight, she brought Tiny with her. … After that, I guess she put a picture up on Instagram of her at the fight so I guess he [T.I.] was feeling some type of way.”

Mayweather said the rapper approached him after that initial Instagram, to which Mayweather replied, “I was basically like, ‘Listen. I’m letting you know I ain’t got…me and your wife don’t have nothing…if you think so.’”

Only person I wanna apologize towards is Tiny. I said something like ‘control your bitch’ and I don’t want to say that about Tiny. So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people, man. She cool. She never been disrespectful to me.

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T.I. & Floyd Mayweather in happier times.

Burning question: Who woulda thought T.I. would get to swing at Floyd before Manny?