Goodbye Tomorrow ‘Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp’ (Stream)

And with that, Goodbye Tomorrow unleashes the latest frustrations, emotions, and truth in the form of the new 8-track EP, Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp.

It’s always exciting to discover the next step in an artist’s growth with their sophomore project. In TSER, I was thrilled to see the right balance of characteristics in their first self-titled album with an extension in concepts, sounds, and lyrics. I got what I loved about the first one (a mix of breakneck raps, melodic hooks, and well-layered production) in a new, fresh package of themes, structures, and moods. It’s the latter where I noticed the largest shift: mood.

The EP is structured very simply. There’s an intro that sets the darker, moody aesthetic of the entire EP. The production is once again superb (h/t Mr. Music leading the way this time too) as it doesn’t stray from this sound, whether it’s a rap-heavy record or not. The first three records are rap-heavy and then followed by three “vaporwave” melodic records, with an outro to bring it to a cinematic full circle.

The raps are fueled by frustration, whether its Goodbye Tomorrow’s personal turmoil dealing with their first label (Rostrum Records) or on society’s hypocrisy as a whole. “2 MANY” is the perfect launchpad for that with “eXplosions” being my personal favorite of this stretch of three (the LUCKI-featured “Keep That”.) (If you caught the earlier single releases, these are all now updated even more…)

The singing that follows is such a strong, back-to-back-to-back trio that should hit repeat if you’re driving post-sunset. I’ve already lauded “Back It Down”, what with its amazing visuals, as “What Would You Say” is perhaps an even stronger follow-up. I love the storytelling that you can interpret in records like these where you try and figure out the artist’s emotions while applying it to your own, paralleled, yet very different experiences. If you lend a close ear too, all the layers throughout (the horns and drum kicks in “Mesmerizing” or the background vocals as a whole) make each song pop even more. Another example is a recurring line — one of the first ones in “What Would You Say”, as first heard in the latter third of “eXplosions”. It’s awesome to catch connections like that on the fifth, sixth, seventh listen.

All in all, Tunnel Stripe Exit Ramp proves Goodbye Tomorrow is here to stay. The EP is everything you want out of an artist to continue to push their sound and content. With this break through, there’s no doubt they’ll keep growing on an even faster, higher level with the next project — whether it’s a full-length album or the perfect 8-track length to keep you wanting more. Needless to say, listen to this one, numbers 1 through 8, with no skips, high volume, and if possible, under a long tunnel.




^ From the visuals for “Back It Down” (watch/start here if anything. Also TSER on iTunes and Pirate Bay… which they’re promoting too, ha!)