Gowhere Hip Hop 30 For 30 Pt. 2

Originally posted 12.31.13

Continuing the 30 For 30 series are the final 16-30 songs of this compilation. As noted in the first part of the series, this collaborative effort was created as a mean of showcasing 30 different artists within the Chicago HipHop community and the phenomenal music they’ve produced this year. For this second part of the series we also created an honorable mention section that is intended to pay our respects towards two singers/songwriters that have embraced the culture and have played important roles in the vibrant HipHop community of Chicago. To check out the first part of the series click here. The full list and complete series is below. Enjoy folks!

16. ShowYouSuck “Awesome” f/ Unstoppable Death Machines

2013 was a big year for the Treated Crew and LOD member as ShowYouSuck created a blueprint for the next generation of Chicago emcees with his Dude Bro EP. Often considered as one of Chicago’s most unconventional rappers, Show illustrated that there is nothing generic to his creative lyricism as his music has been innovative in an era of rappers talking about the same subjects. Show’s “Awesome” is phenomenal because it showcases his love of heavy metal in collaborating with the Unstoppable Death Machines and as a result inviting listeners to enjoy the grungy sound and straight edge demeanor that can be felt throughout his music.

17. Add-2 “Death of Chicago”

With violence ensuing in the city of Chicago we get a phenomenal track from Add-2 in his project with producer Khrysis on “Between Heaven and Hell“. The Jamla signee through “Death of Chicago” was able to deliver us the heart felt emotion that goes through his lyrics as he walks us through the day to day struggles that occur in the city of Chicago.

18. Alex Wiley “Spaceship II” f/ Chance The Rapper & GLC

In 2004 Kanye West released his debut, a classic, College Dropout, and in that project contained the original “Spaceship” featuring GLC. Fast forward nearly a decade later and you get Alex Wiley and Chance The Rapper, two trail-blazing Chicago emcees in the current youth driven HipHop movement in the city that together with GLC, a veteran in Chicago HipHop, were able to do justice and create a classic of their own on “Spaceship II” from the Club Wiley mixtape.

19. Tree “Devotion”

Tree took folks to school and preached why he was one best lyrical promises of 2013 with Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out. In “Devotion”, Tree showcased his loyalty to the HipHop game, his flawless ability to destroy instrumentals, and illustrated to any doubters why he was one of the breakout emcees of this great year in Chicago HipHop.

20. The Contenders (Hyype & BigKoma) “Destroy”

The Contenders (Hyype & BigKoma) broke out their lyrical assault with their track “Destroy”. The video was one of the most impressive visuals of the year as they showcased the destruction and catastrophic events that are captured in their music.

21. Lucki Eck$ “Count On Me”

One of the most talked about acts of 2013 was Lucki Eck$. His ability to reinvent what Chicago HipHop should sound like was illustrated in his project “Alternative Trap“. What this project did was showcase the power behind lyrics as the young upstart defied the standards put in front of him and was able to capture listeners with a sound of his own. His hit “Count On Me”, illustrates the fact that he is an artists that you can believe in as this young Chicago emcee is well on his way to bank on a successful future.

22. theWHOevers “Need Somebody”

theWHOevers rode momentum as the duo of J Artur and Dot Kom continued their streak of phenomenal projects with their third release “Ridin’ Waves“. The project itself is stacked with gems but the one that stood out was “Need Somebody”. With a catchy hook, vibrant production, and phenomenal verses it became one of the best Chicago HipHop tracks released in 2013 as well as became an instant classic for the well established duo.

23. Vic Mensa “Holy Holy” f/ Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid

The SaveMoney emcee had a hell of a year capped of with an onslaught of singles that were all among the best released this year. His debut solo project, INNANETAPE, was heralded as one of the best projects of the year and young Vic was also able to tour with the likes of J. Cole, Wale and collaborate with HP and Clams Casino on a dope project. The standout track on the young Chicagoan upstart was “Holy Holy” that features Ab-Soul and BJ The Chicago Kid in a narrative of living life without regrets, overlooking the past, and embracing an aftermath of the world coming to an end.

24. Scheme “The Crooked Ones”

Scheme had a great year this year being featured on many hits of 2013 as well as releasing his project “Pocket Full of Pesos“, a project rooted in showcasing his flawless to spit in both English and Spanish. With the assist of Analyst on the production of “Crooked Ones” we get verses from Scheme delivering rhymes without remorse. Scheme’s freedom fighting flow was unmatched as he illustrated that he is one of the best emcees in the city and can go bar for bar with anyone to prove it. For the North Side rapper it also gave us a taste to expect in an upcoming project that embodies Scheme’s lyrical mentality as he “Respect All, Fears None”, but the lyrical higher-being that he possesses.

25. Sulaiman & Vic Spenser “Baffle Board”

Sulaiman and Vic Spenser were one of the best one-two punch combinations in Chicago HipHop of 2013. With an onslaught of lyrical jabs, this combination became very effective with the release of their project “We’re Still Disappointed” and it was showcased on one of the singles to the project “Baffleboard”. The success carried on as Vic Spencer also released his solo project “The Rapping Bastard“, which was among this year’s best releases.

26. Brian Fresco “Peace of Mind”

Brian Fresco had a breakout project with “Mafioso” and showed the rest of the world that the SaveMoney army is full of lyrical soldiers and generals that can all command respect in the Chicago HipHop scene. His hit single, Peace of Mind” was the standout track of the project as it showcased the witty punchlines the young upstart could carry out on a very soulful instrumental.

27. Retrospect “Peter Parker”

Another Chicago HipHop duo that made moves this 2013 was Retrospect, Quotes & Def Poet. Their project “The Breakout: Part One” was stacked with gems and even featured a cypher-esque track with Can I. The standout track of the project was “Peter Parker”, that captured the inspiring feel the duo created throughout the very soulful and melodic project.

28. Taylor Bennett “Rolling With The Gods”

Taylor Bennett broke out with a fiery lyrical assault on “Rolling With The Gods” and in the process showcased that like his older brother Chance Bennett, Chance The Rapper, was capable of carrying the torch as one of Chicago’s HipHop scene. His rapid fire delivery on this track over a trap styled instrumental showcased the passion the upstart possesses in demonstrating that bar by bar he is the real deal in our city’s music scene. His project “The Taylor Bennett Show” backs up just why he is among the best this city has to offer.

29. Tokyo Shawn “World Is Turning” f/ Joey Purp

Tokyo Shawn and Joey Purp turned heads and showcased the strength to SaveMoney’s depth as they created one of 2013’s gems with “World Is Turning”. The two styled and profiled on the Caleb James production and reminded us that even though the year might be coming to an end that this upcoming year will be a glorious year for both rappers.

30. Mick Jenkins “The Truth” f/ Noname Gypsy

One of the best projects of 2013 was Mick Jenkins’ “Trees & Truths“, a concept that was thought provoking and expressed the harsh realities behind the day to day occurrences of the young emcee’s life. With a project that was stacked with hits the standout track of the project was the conclusion, “The Truth”, which features Noname Gypsy and production by Pivot Gang’s Saba. The heavy-hearted song brought everything together in Mick’s storytelling of his narrative of the battles between good and evil as the young Chicago upstarts caps off his lyrical journey and is able to leave us with a glimmer of hope in an artists that the city can believe in.

Honorable Mention:

The honorable mention is for two dope artists that are not rappers but have worked tirelessly within the HipHop community and have collaborated with many of the heavy hitters in Chicago’s music scene. These two singers/songwriters have some of the best work ethics in Chicago’s music scene and their appreciation towards the HipHop culture as well as passion for the city of Chicago is why they deserve our acknowledgement.

Lili K “Come Sunday”

Lili K’s project “My Favorite Things” was one of the most refreshing releases of 2013. Her track “Come Sunday”, illustrates her flawless singing ability and Jazz influences that showcase why she is among the elite in our city’s music scene.

Vince Nantes “Love Jones”


Vince Nantes had a great year releasing a lot of dope material throughout the year. His single “Love Jones”, a Kanye West-College Dropout-esque instrumental was a hit from the start as it showcased the HipHop influences to his soulful music.

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