Gowhere You Love Podcast (Ep. 5)

Another new episode of the Gowhere You Love Podcast is here, and it’s a look at The Past, Present, and Future… of three very different topics.

JJ, Naagy, and I begin with the talk of the weekend — Frank Ocean. It’s too early for hot takes, but Frank’s reemergence inspires a discussion of R&B as a whole. It’s a genre we’re all fans of and we take it back to our earliest memories and standout records that got us into the music. (Guarantee you’ll like at least a couple of these picks.) We also dabble on the evolution of the genre and it’s current decline in mainstream popularity.

From R&B to DJs, we play the guessing game on who the top 5 highest paid DJs are according to a new list from Forbes. Likewise, Naagy provides some perspective on the current decline of the DJ scene and how its pivoting today.

And finally, we better get used to it: self-driving cars are on the way next month (to Pittsburgh, via Uber in fact.) We weigh the positives versus the concerns and then get deep on how automation will affect society in the long-term. Join us for a widely versed discussion and follow the timestamps below if something piques your interest the most.

0:00  Intro (Music by: @MarcusShadden)
1:43  Frank Ocean First Takes
4:22  When did you first get into R&B?
13:19  The evolution of R&B from the 90s/2000s through to today
16:09  –Music Segment– Jhene Aiko “New Balance”
17:43  More R&B Shoutouts!
18:26  Forbes’ Highest Earning DJ List — Trivia Time: Who is in the top 5?
23:35  The current state of decline in the DJ scene and where it’s headed
27:45  How the new Netflix show ‘The Get Down’ is actually foreshadowing the future of the DJ scene by highlighting the past
30:38  –Music Segment– 11:11 “BYO” (samples Mariah Carey “Shake It Off”)
32:35  Uber just announced the first self-driving vehicle in Pittsburgh next month
34:24  Is this the start of actual robots? And where do we stand on self-driving cars?
40:25  Will humans be replaced in automated jobs? Our long-term, big picture thoughts
47:05  –Music Segment– Mike Posner “Be As You Are (Acoustic Version)”
48:30  Outro

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This Week’s (All NEW R&B) Music Picks:




A few bonus videos, as referenced in the pod starting with our own Miguel throwback: